zaterdag 22 februari 2014

Play Flappy Bert online.

Play Flappy Bert online, Sesame Street's very own version of Flappy Bird. Help Bert navigate though this land of pipes unharmed. Good luck!

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vrijdag 14 februari 2014

Play Revenge Bird online now!

It's the revenge of the angry bird! Since its last adventure the Flappy Bird has gone absolutely mad! It has learned how to break the walls and pipes, but now other things will be dangerous for it – for example, the gas blowouts and the electric wires. Will you help the bird again? We also have a new 3D version for you to play! Or if you likes, just play the normal Flappy bird game online?

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New Flappy Bird 3D online!

Inspired on the Minecraft Flappy bird video we now have this amazing Flappy Bird 3D online game for you to play. What's better than Flappy Bird? Flappy Bird 3D of course! Navigate through the pipes in this insanely fun arcade game! Have fun! We also have Revenge Bird for you to try! Just press space and start playing. How far can you go? Or if you likes, just play the normal Flappy bird game online?
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zondag 9 februari 2014

Play shuriken block online.

Shuriken Blocks
Play Shuriken block online. A game made by Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen. Test your reflexes in an extensive blocking training. Block all the shurikens before they can harm you. Good luck! Shuriken Block is are currently #4 on the iOS store.
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Flappy Bird removed

'Flappy Bird' Creator Follows Through, Game Removed From App Stores

bird1If you didn’t think he’d actually do it, you were wrong. Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen followed through with his promise to remove the game from app stores, and as his 22 hour deadline passed, the game was indeed taken down from Apple's iOS store and the Android/Google Play marketplace.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical this deadline would be met, but apparently he set the wheels in motion, and never looked back. There are still no updates from Nguyen on Twitter since his string of messages yesterday saying that he “couldn’t take” the attention and infamy from Flappy Bird, and he was taking the game down. He also said he wasn’t going to sell it, and that “he still makes games.”
Indeed Nguyen still has several other top app store games including Super Ball Juggling and Shuriken Block which are currently #4 and #18 on the iOS store respectively.

Nguyen claimed that Flappy Bird had “ruined his simple life” by attracting too much attention from a critical games.... Continue reading on Forbes.
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Play Flappy Bird in Space

Now we have Flappy Bird in Space. Even more difficult to play! Try not to rage and test your true skills. Click on the green flag to start having fun!

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Play Flappy Bird games online.

Play Flappy Bird Online

Another bird is holding the attention of millions of mobile gamers worldwide. The absurdly difficult and addictive Flappy Bird has inspired hysterical reviews and rants on the internet as it fluttered to the top of the charts on Google Play as well as the Apple iTunes.

The concept is simple: you tap the screen of your mobile device anywhere to make the highly pixelated bird move up. This is the only control you have over the bird as you try to navigate it through gaps between the green pipes on the way. Hit any pipe and you’re out. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

However, you will find that 50 million frustrated downloaders disagree with you. Inspired by the classic video game Super Mario Bros, there is no reason for Flappy bird to have become as big a sensation as it has. This delightful yet spirit-crushing game has inspired the hate of millions across the globe who have fallen to the mighty power of the bird. The defining feature of the game is that despite its simple concept, it is nearly impossible to score in. It is not uncommon to find users in internet forums rejoicing about achieving a high score of 6.

This 8-bit game, inferior to most other games in terms of graphics or design, has followed the likes of Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Paper Toss and achieved the status of a viral hit. This rise to fame is helped along by reviewers who write about the Curse of the Bird and warn others not to follow them down the dark hole of Flappy Bird. Interestingly, despite their apparent irritation, users still give the game five stars and continue their quest to keep the bird alive. Now you can play this frustrating game online and waster your time with our website.

Update:- Now you can play Ironpants online, Squishy Bird, Flappy Bird 3D and Flappy Bird in Space and other flappy similar games for free on our website.
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